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Marcel Atallah

Marcel  Atallah
  • Chief Operations Officer
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      Marcel’s success in the real estate industry is attributed to his unwavering work ethic, which is fueled by his passion for studying and analyzing market data, stats, figures, and trends. He is well-versed in key indicators and has a unique ability to predict impending market adjustments, corrections, and pendulum swings, enabling him to proactively pivot and stay ahead of the curve. Marcel is a visionary leader who focuses on creating generational wealth for his clients, rather than short-term financial gains.

      As the Founder and Luxury Brand Alignment Ambassador of Luxx Real Estate, Marcel forges and maintains key relationships with some of the world’s most elite and recognizable brands to ensure that Luxx Real Estate clients have maximum exposure and top-of-mind status for their properties among the most exclusive and capable clientele on the planet.

      Marcel’s decades of experience in residential real estate sales, combined with his keen understanding of the market, have made him an innovative and integral part of Luxx Real Estate. He remains focused and ahead of the trends, utilizing historical case studies to predict future opportunities, and has a burning desire to help those around him create and maintain generational wealth.

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